hawulah is the site name with with the founder’s name embed between the the first and the last ‘h’. It is an a social entrepreneur center name as  Stonebless skill development center for change (SSDCC). its the first local skill development center set up to support women, girls, farmers and the society at large at the Bawku west district in the Upper east region of Ghana. The center envisions four projects to address, which are; A) skill development training, B) reduce, reuse and recycle C) climate change advocacy( live green) and D) agricultural sustainability (organic farming campaign).


A world of overall development, conservation and sustainability.


  • Our mission is to impact skills and knowledge to empower young girls by providing the effective vocational skills and knowledge that will change their economic status.
  • We will do this by helping young girls decide their career path and taking the necessary skill training that will establish them as entrepreneurs.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Climate change advocacy
  • Organic farming campaign


The aims of the center it to help curb empower young women to be economically viable and to change practice of girls not having employable skills:


  1. To provide skills training to at least 20 young women by the end of each year.
  2. To support trained women to produce quality beaded products that are marketable and meet the standards of the international market.
  3. To be able to create networks with other vocational center by December 2020
  4. To find a permanent site for the center within the next 3 years.